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August 13th, 2009

11:48 am:

now i look back. things around me have changed-not just a little.

i'm in love with roy! :) he's sweet, he's good, and he's mine.

cheers! :)) 

February 8th, 2009

08:57 pm:

Whole set of Disney Plush Toys (20cm) from the UFO Catcher :) 
Includes Miss Bunny, Stitch, Mickey, Minnie and Pooh!

Going for $28 each.
$120 for the whole set!!

Special Valentine's Day Present because you can't find it retailing at any store!
(Will be wrapped up nicely for you-either all together or individually)

February 7th, 2009

08:41 pm:

stunned when i heard some news.

i can't understand how some people choose to live their lives this way. but nah, i'm not bothered by it because it doesn't concern me. i'm leading my life, very happily.

fyi, he's treating me relatively well. he gives in to me. now, i tell him what i want and we'll discuss about it. it's much better. *ahh*

i'm letting go of some things in my life, i haven't told you girls about it. porkchops, 'l update you once i've met you girls yeaa.

i'm not going out as much; simply because i can't. if anyone of you out there can't understand, im so sorry i can't do anything about it. it's just, like that. too bad.

January 21st, 2009

09:34 pm:

dearies, thanks for offering a listening ear. it really helped. love you <3

i'm supposed to do my essay and read up for biz law tomorrow. but i get distracted, as usual. it's obvious, i'm emo-ing again.
it's bad. i can just stare at the blank wall and start feeling sad.

my gastric's getting bad. hurts whenever i eat.

okay, bad. i don't know what i'm writing.

i have to go do my readings, else i'll be so dead. xxxxxx

January 20th, 2009

12:09 pm:
yea, emo shitty bang bang again.

saddened, totally. it was unexpected, and i didn't even think that i'll be treated like this.
lisa and PAUL, thanks for warning me. i should've sensed it coming.
status: trying to recover, but not fully.

nevermind, like what mother always says "da  ren you da liang, mei you le, ke yi chong lai"
at least, i've learnt to see better.
at least, i know who's what and what.

thanks babes for being there for me, to offer a listening ear. i'm grateful ;) you'll be blessed.

Current Mood: blankblank

January 11th, 2009


I'm uber uber happyyy! I got a camera for myself!! :D It's red, it's slim, and it's a Casio Ex-Slim S10!
Got it at Lucky Plaza for $420. I don't think it's ex since it comes with an extra battery, 4GB Memory Card and Screen Protector...

To compare the prices with Best Denki, I paid $21 more to get an extra battery and screen protector instead of a tripod which I didn't need. ww has it anyway, I can kope from him if I really really need it. I seriously think that I am a bitch (when it comes to bargaining and buying)
It's so irritating lahh.
The exact same thing, costs $399 at Parkway's Best Denki (with 4GB Memory Card & Tripod) and $449 (with 4GB Memory Card & Tripod) at Takashimaya's Best Denki. WHAT THE HELL :(
I went to Parkway only like last week to ask for the price, and I seriously don't believe that they can charge $50 more within one week.
Ok the reason I went to Takashimaya is that ww MAY have a friend there who can offer us a better price, but we got to know that he's not working there already. YAH, and ww got a scolding from me. Anyway, I was so bu shuang lah. Then I keep bugging on the fact that it's $399 at Parkway BEST DENKI. And they finally called Parkway to ask after my continuous nagging, and said that they will charge me $399 for that camera. WTH? Even better, they wouldn't gimme the free gifts. They only offered me a 2GB Memory Card. ANGRY SIAA. Then ww said he'll think about it and come back aft his puff (of course we weren't coming back lah)

Please take note. Best Denki really has different prices across their outlets. Casio ExSlim S10 is one. Olympus 1040 is another. It costs $449 at Parkway and $399 at Takashimaya. Moral of the story: Don't buy your electronics at Best Denki, get them at better prices at Lucky Plaza or Sim Lim. But of course, go with a fattie like ww so that they won't cheat your money :)

okay, to credit wong jing kai kryan... he was with me and ww the whole day. so he offered to pay $20 for my camera since it exceeded my budget by $20. and ww paid $200 for it. HAHA :D

Okay, who cares about Best Denki, I got my camera-that's the main thing! And I was smiling secretly when the salesman was packing the camera for me. Thanks ah ww, for saying SOOO loudly that "eh, girl.. don't uhm-chio leh. if you wanna smile, just smile" =)

Went to meet Steffie & YuanTing with my ww, Kyran, Amabelle & Jingkai after shoppinggggggg for my shoes. I felt like a queen btw, you know, like 4 people acc me to buy shoes HAHA.

Yaya, Zaylene was late. She walked from Cityhall to Central. I couldn't figure out how she did that, but you are ZAAAIIII, Zay!! :D

Ate Waraku (okay you might say "not again" but i really like the food there) and sat along the river, talking and taking photos.
hinthint: those with photos, upload ehh! hahah
Guess what?!?! We saw Mr So & his girlfriend! Dunno the name lah, but she's some teacher from Chung Cheng. Walau, he like zuo zai xin xu. I called out "MISTER SO!" He looked back, waved "HI" and walked away quickly.
And we made friends with a girl and her mother from Bintan! Zay asked me to offer to take photos for them, and I did. In return, they took photos for us. HAHA. Then she said we looked like we were from Japan (and I was like HUHHHH) and wanted to take photos with us. Total randomness. We talked for awhile, and she asked us to go to some Bintan Spa to look for her cuz she's the receptionist there. Steffie! Add Bintan to our list of destinations!! : ) 

Then met ww and Jingkai at Clinic. I wanted to drink thr for a super long time. I forgot who told me that it's closed when it isnt. But nvm, I drank Lychee Martini there. NICEE NICEEEE. Zay drank Mojito and Yuan drank Hoegarden!
Main point here is Jing Kai, being 15 years old, sat there and drank with us. HAHA. ww, not bad huh. You really can get a drink for him yea.

Okay, shared cab with yuan, ww to go home. & I'm so sad ww has to go back to camp on a Sunday. But whatever, he is not important. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Hope you're reading it, ww!


Yes! I finally have a HAIRCUT! And my hair is officially SHORT-mushroom style :) WooOohOoo! I think zn and kiang are all sick of me saying "I WANNA CUT SHORT HAIR" cuz I've been saying it for yeaaarrrrsssss yet I haven't done so.

Aunt asked if I wanted to cut short, and I said I WANT! But many hairdressers wouldn't allow because of my natural curl. They claimed that if I did, my hair would BAO ZHA. -_-'''

Aunt suggested Winnie (the hairstylist who cut my hair short for me) to cut my hair short and she said that natural curl is good for bob cuz it adds volume to it :) YAYYY!
Hahaha, and she said that I am super prepared for the haircut while she was cutting :DDD Of course laahhhh, I have been waiting for ages...

Noone has seen it except Jinyuan (when I met him to pass him clothes)
I'm still waiting for ww's reaction when I meet him tmr. YAYYYY!! :D HAHAHAH !!!

January 9th, 2009

02:04 pm:

chinese new year's coming :) i've bought my clothes for cny (kloset-cube stuffs again,haha) & i'm going to pamper myself with a great pair of heels to match my dress! but what the hell, when i brought ww to buy shoes with me at bugis junction, they don't have my size! WTH. so damn angry and depressed. and with my period, i was totally PISSED. Needless to say, the one who had to bear with it was Mr. Lee Wen Wei. OMG I think I shocked him yesterday night.

He came to my Grandma's place for dinner yesterday, and after dinner, sent him home. I drove by the way HAHA.
I was trying to scare him by telling him the reason behind switching off all the lights at Grandma's place except one-so that when GongGong comes back at night, he won't trip and fall.
After that I cried like SHIT, I am not joking nor exaggerating.
I miss GongGong.
I believe if he were still alive, all these stupid shit won't be happening to me. I AM DEAD SURE ABOUT THIS.

Cried and cried and cried (when I was driving) and I think the drivers who passed by my car were like "What is this mad woman doing here?". And when I reached the carpark at his place, I cried even louder cuz "EVEN THE CARPARK WANNA BULLY ME" when I couldn't find a parking lot at the first storey. I'm still sad-ed by it because everytime that I drive there, there'll be a parking lot at the first storey. HURRR.

Anyways, first week of school has passed. Karyn Wong is doing fine.
I'm trying to cut down as many commitments as possible, seriously. not because I can't handle them (okay, partially because of this I think)
But mainly because I wanna spend more time with my loved ones.

It was real bad for me the last sem. You would have realised that I didn't had time at all for you (if you are the person I love, that is)
It's terrible to find out how much I've lost because of my commitments. It just isn't worth it for just a few bucks.

Will be travelling around a lot these few months, especially with a car and my mommy and my daddy and my grandma are like located in different parts of Singapore. I forsee that I'll be dead tired, and wouldn't even feel like going out.

If you understand, it's good. I'd say a big thank you to you. But if you don't, and you think that I'm such an irritating girl who doesn't wanna go out, I'm so sorry, you wouldn't be entertained.

I met up with my great friends of my life these few days... :) 

Porkchops, I love you girls, SERIOUSLYYYYY. You've seen how much I've grown up and changed since 13, and stood by me. We laughed, we played, we did stupid things together. I enjoyed all those. Cheerios for you girls. MWAHHS. (that's including Lesi though you didn't come for the outing, haha)

LingTing, OMG I AM SO DAMN GLAD I MET YOU UP YESTERDAY. Glad that you're doing fine, glad that you have a great boyfriend, glad that we can still talk like HOURS even thought it's just the both of us. I'm really glad that this gem friendship is still sturdy and doing well. We shall double-date together. Hahaha.

EMO SHITTY BANG BANG again. It's the time of the month. So just leave me to die.

And that stupid idiot is in camp, staying in today, coming out tomorrow morning, going back in on Sunday again. FUCK. No weekend. I shall mug and do my sponsorship stuffs.

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November 30th, 2008

10:22 pm: i'm back!!! :D

LOOK INSIDE!Collapse )

August 3rd, 2008

08:50 pm: yeah yeah. i've not been updating. have been busy with kloset cube stuffs. :) happy to say, we're doing fine. thanks to all girls out there who have been supporting us! continue to offer us your support okays. will be bringing good stuffs in time to come..

Camps coming up:

SMU BONDUE Camp (6-8Aug)
SMU Freshmen Team Building Camp (10-12Aug)

So wasted can! someone has got 2 weeks MC, and my camps took up like half of everything. urrghs. should've went for FTB Run1 since kee &  xinyun said it's not bad. as in, their groups were good. PRAYS HARD. i hope the group i'm in is like, SUPER ON. then i'll have a great time.. else, LET ME DIEEEEEE.

July 27th, 2008

03:38 am:

to certain people out there. i do have a limit alright. at times, i really wanna snap at you guys. 
but it's okay, cuz i've been told to FUCK CARE (oops!) 
it seems that you guys are totally so self-centred, thinking about yourselves and ignoring others' situation. 
seriously, for what? as if that'll help to make the whole situation better.

i'm physically tired. from all the early waking-ups and running around.
and mentally tired. from everything's my family is giving me.
you guys won't understand cuz you'r not me. and no way you guys will do-even you all knew about what i was going through.
i really did put in effort to make everything better; just that no one's appreciating it (i don't think anyone even notices it)

i know i know, everyone has their problems & everyone is tired.
i don't expect you guys to give in to me/pity me/whatsoever.
i just need you guys to do the minimum. stop being childish, alright?
the things you guys are doing-it sometimes makes me go crazy you know.
i've been whining and complaining ALOT these days cuz i'm affected by what you guys did.
I DONT WANT TO BE A WHINEY GIRL. help me lah, guys. don't be irritating anymore okayy.

after all these, i realised vulgarities really help ease my anger alot.
it's SO NOT RIGHT! karynwong didnt scold vulgarities in the past.
but oops, now i do. sad. ayeeshh. don't make me throw them at you.
thank you very much. your help is greatly appreciated (if you know who you are, that is)

enough about these people.
something worth mentioning here : )
she sang damn well with pris, and they both sounded superb in the performance..
SASAPRISTAR! that's what i call them. haha, and i am sasapristar's fanclub president (self-proclaim)
haha, and thanks guys, to whoever that turned up.. thanks alot.. really.
willis, sarah, peter, minghao, andrew, qingwei, peng, chormin, wenwei, yongjun, mengai&friend, yaoguang&friend.
yeah man, sasapristar should have more concerts please.
and i'm sure that some talent-searchers wld get them to sign a contract with some big record company, haha!

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